Wala’s Multiplex. An Interactive public platform, Community based project Dilshad Garden Extension, Ghaziabad, 2013

We occupied a disputed and abandoned building in DLF colony, and created four permeable and participatory structures/conditions for simultaneous conversations about the neighborhood. Attended by 200 local inhabitants of the area and the artist community, it allowed passer-bys and neighbours to reflecton one’s surroundings and immediate concerns in public. The dramatic arrangement of chairs, bed, stools, ultra-violet light and videos and photo album of the city acted as provocations and clues for the conversation.

Few images from WALA’s Multiplex at Dilshad Garden Extension, Ghaziabad. An abandoned, incomplete and uninhabited building with four permeable and participatory structures/conditions for simultaneous conversations.


STRUCTURE 1: Accumulates strangeness, provides an occasion to address a fellow passer-by, to direct one’s thoughts and acknowledge other’s presence and nervous energy. Allows this shared moment of togetherness with a passer-by. It also produces reflections on vocabularies of talking about one’s surroundings, spaces one inhabits, elsewhere and personal or mental geographies. Creates conditions for immersion, to understand movements, distances and anatomies of the city.





STRUCTURE 2: Sitting on a single surface and seeing the album, moving from an image to image and looking at the picture here and there (yaahan-wahaan) present possibilities of extensions and explorations of the present in one’s past and knowing through recollections. The intimacy, to sit and see together in the dark of the night could be a method of re-entering the cave. Each page is a vignette of the ‘around’. Who will turn the page? When will be the page turned? Who will change the direction of the conversation?




STRUCTURE 3: We rest in a circle and labour; make small piles, separating each kind from a bigger heap. Ideas of sifting and searching interstice with ideas of gathering. The exchange continues among smaller groups. Pausing and stationing for a while allows taking multiple other positions in conversations.



STRUCTURE 4: Releasing into the sky, a sound, a thought, something accumulated but not said yet. A trial within and without. No opposition to encounter.



The next morning with squirrels playing with flowers and taking the conversation forward.


After hours of walking and wandering, to sit is to pause for a while, release and relax. WALA invites you to one such stationed pause, WALA’s MULTIPLEX, to engage with forms of leisure and relay thoughts on the immediate (aas-paas) and its extensions (idhar-udhar).

e invite low res

‘WALA’s MULTIPLEX’ on 26th May 2013, evening show, 6:00 pm onwards, S-Block, Gate No. 1, Dilshad Extension-II, Near DLF Chowk, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (Dilshad Garden Metro Station). WALA volunteers at the DLF Chowk, Dilshad Extension-II will direct you to the Multiplex. You can also call us at 9911455909, 8285966059 or check the route map here.

WALA’s MULTIPLEX is the fourth public art event under the series ‘Kachra Seth’s Observatory’. Previous performances under the series include ‘Narcissist in the Mirror Shop: A Walk from National Museum to National Gallery of Modern Art’ (March 2012), ‘WALA’s Metro Adventure: A Guided Tour From Central Secretariat to IFFCO Chowk (May 2012), and ‘The Sprawl is Louder, Louder and Louder’ (February 2013).

Second workshop with volunteers from DLF colony, Dilshad Extension-III, Ghaziabad

IMG_0768 IMG_0747 IMG_0729 IMG_0722

Images from the second workshop. Forward to WALA’s MULTIPLEX

A WALA’s Multiplex session, 19th May

IMG_0616 IMG_0606 IMG_0633 IMG_0684 IMG_0613

Few images from our workshop session with volunteers in preparation for our public art event WALA’s MULTIPLEX.

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